Tubby Boots

The Emerald Captain




It's done.

Tubby Boots, after some 10 years or so, have released their debut album. It's called The Emerald Captain and it's the product of much creative and technical slogging away. Past attempts at a record ultimately fell away after we realized the potential for sonic and creative improvement. Eventually, we arrived at a place where our resources and our experience were enough. Resources like Audio Engineering Associates (AEA), for instance, facilitated a creative environment unlike anything we'd worked in before. Recording live, through AEA ribbons, and to tape proved to be the solution to this open equation that had clouded our headspace for so long. 

Another variable that made The Emerald Captain possible was a drummer, Cameron Miller. Progress on the album had all but halted when we found ourselves sans-drummer. He came in and professionally executed his duties to great effect. We completed the project in little time and had a lot of fun throughout. 

And furthermore with Nahneen Kula’s Charlene Gibbs' immense help recording and mixing, we'd finally achieved what we'd needed to for a long while.

Here's The Emerald Captain.