Those Tubby Boots

Tubby Boots is an outfit originating from Long Beach, California. After meeting in middle school 10 years ago, Kyle Crawford and Sammy Rothman have patiently gone on to develop an expansive sound that until now could only be heard during rare appearances at venues such as McWorld (RIP) and the Smell, or on the occasional short release.

With their debut album, The Emerald Captain (self-released April 1, 2016), Tubby Boots’ muscular musical vernacular is only accentuated more by their range and the ease with which they delve into the quiet and melodic. Aptly dubbed “the sound of collage radio”, Tubby Boots embraces the inspiration of many a college rock titan (from Fugazi to Pavement, from Wilco to Bowie) as it simultaneously contributes to and expands the rock canon. In naming their proper premiere The Emerald Captain, the boys of Tubby Boots have entrusted this mystical conduit with an artistic statement that has been ready to voyage out far and wide for some time. Patience can be a virtue, and in this case it’s yielded a debut almost too good to be true.

-Gabe Pearlman (bikos, Brochure)